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Affiliation; How to become an ISKF Member

The ISKF is a non-profit organization established in 1977. The ISKF encourages the sound development of its members so that they may benefit physically, morally, and spiritually from the art of karate. The association also aims to promulgate, perpetuate, and improve true karate-do throughout the world.

There are many benefits to joining the ISKF. Membership allows the members of a dojo access to the best instruction, and the highest-level instructors. Members may participate in Camps, Seminars, and Tournaments sponsored by the ISKF throughout the world, and clubs are eligible to invite senior instructors for examinations and seminars.

All club applications are subject to approval by the Chairman and Chief Instructor of the ISKF and the ISKF-UK. If you are interested in becoming affiliated with the ISKF, please contact the ISKF-UK Headquarters directly. For more detailed information please contact:

Ahcene Moussaoui
ISKF UK Administration Office
45a St Johns Road,
N15 6QJ
England UK
Dojo Email:
Dojo web: